What You Need to Know About Air Conditioning Tune Ups

Spring AC Tune Up in Philadelphia

Many Philadelphia homeowners like yourself hear things like “AC Tune Up” and all you think about is more money coming out of your pocket for an unnecessary expense. Is it really that important to get your air conditioning tuned up every year? The beauty of being a homeowner is that you get to make these sorts of decisions for yourself. But before you dismiss your annual AC tune up as an unnecessary cost, you should make sure that you’re informed about Air Conditioner tune ups and why the HVAC professionals recommend them.

 Spring AC Tune Up Advantages

If you are the type of homeowner who doesn’t fix something unless it’s broken, it might be time to consider a preventive maintenance agreement.

Take a look at the following advantages that come with making sure your air conditioner is tuned up on a regular basis

AC Tune Up actually Saves you money

Repairs:  Air conditioning repair can be costly and unexpected. When your air conditioning unit finally does break, you might be stuck paying some crazy repair costs that you weren’t prepared for and did not have time to save up to cover the expenses. Unfortunately, this is a reality. If you’re not changing the oil in your car on a regular basis, you are asking to be stranded on the side of the road. Same goes with your air conditioning unit. If you go long enough without giving it some attention, it’s sure to give up on you. So by scheduling your air conditioning tune up annually, you won’t be taken off guard and you will be able to catch small problems early that could turn into scary disasters.

Energy Costs:  A tuned-up AC is an energy efficient AC. By making sure that your air conditioner is tuned-up and working properly, you will also be ensuring that your A/C isn’t having to work harder than it should to cool your home. Why is this important? Because the less efficient your air conditioner is, the harder it has to work, and the more money that you have to pay for your energy costs. Homeowners that get their air conditioners tuned up regularly find themselves with lower monthly energy bills. With heating and cooling attributing to around 50% of your energy bill, it is worth taking some necessary steps to make sure your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible.

Longer A/C Lifespan: Hopefully you are eating your veggies, exercising and taking other steps that help you live a longer life. Your air conditioning unit’s life can be prolonged as well by taking some extra time and effort to invest in its health. You want your air conditioner to last as long as possible while maintaining a high level of quality because when it goes out or stops cooling your home like it should, you have to invest in a whole new unit! And if you thought repair costs could be pricey, having to replace your air conditioning unit early than necessary is going to cost you a pretty penny! Regular air conditioning tune ups will help your unit stay in good health and live a longer, happier life.

AC Tune Up Provides More Cooling Control

Consistency: Unless you live in a 1 room studio, it’s likely that you have a variety of rooms of all different shapes and sizes, and perhaps even different levels or stories. Have you walked through your home and felt freezing in one room and sweltering in another? This is because your home isn’t being cooled consistently by your air conditioner. There are many factors that this problem could be attributed to, but having an out of tune air conditioning unit is definitely one of them! When your A/C is tuned up regularly, it gives you more consistent cooling throughout the rooms, levels, and stories of your home.

Reliability: Anyone who has dealt with an unreliable air conditioning unit, knows how frustrating it can be. Those of you who haven’t can take a pretty good guess. If there is one feature, we want our a/c to have it is reliability. However, this isn’t always the case. An a/c unit that has been neglected over the years can be extremely unstable. The cooling power can diminish in the worst possible times. However, an air conditioning unit that has been proper tune-ups over the years will be as reliable as a golden retriever. Knowing that your air conditioning unit will be working properly on hot summer days, when family is coming to stay, or anytime really, gives you peace of mind.

Scheduling your Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Philadelphia

The “don’t fix it if it’s not broken” rule is totally legitimate, but when it comes to your air conditioner, following this rule leaves you at risk to paying higher monthly energy bills, unexpected costly repairs, poor cooling in your home, and reduced indoor air quality. So in this case, it might be better to ditch that rule, and start taking some preventative action. Find a local professional and experienced heating and cooling company in your area to come to your home and give your air conditioning unit a good tune-up! At HVAC PHILLY Air Conditioning Repair we will help tune-up your air conditioner to keep it running great!


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