Use Fall to Winterize Your HVAC system

Winterize Your HVAC system

Is your HVAC system ready to handle another Philadelphia winter? Thankfully, you can use the fall to take time to closely examine your HVAC and determine what adjustments or repairs it needs before winter strikes.

                Winterize Your HVAC system

Only Cover an Outdoor Unit That’s Not in Use

You can cover your outdoor air conditioner unit with a tarp during the colder months. Naturally, of course, if your HVAC unit is also a source of heat, it should be left uncovered.

Outdoor units, whether they are air conditioners or combination units, can withstand typical seasonal conditions without a covering. It’s only wise to cover the unit if it sits idle for months at a time.

Replace Filters

Use the change of seasons as a reminder to install a new clean air filter. If you haven’t touched your system’s air filter in a few months, you’ll probably find it full of spring and summer’s dust and pollen.

If you swap the old filter for a new one, you’ll help your HVAC breathe easier. It will work more efficiently, saving you money while also keeping you comfortable.

If you have trouble remembering to routinely change the filter, set a reminder on your smartphone so you’ll receive an alert when it’s time to change the filter again. You can determine the due date by using the manufacturer’s suggested lifespan of the filter listed on the label.

Make sure that you only use the type of filters recommended by the company that made your HVAC. If you use an economy filter, you may shorten the life of your HVAC. The filter may not be capable of trapping small particles, allowing dirt to clog the system.

However, you could also shorten the lifespan of the unit if you use a filter that’s too restrictive.  The weave of the filter could be too tight, preventing the necessary amount of air from entering the system.

In both cases, your HVAC unit would have to work harder, which speeds up its rate of aging and decline.

Clean the Air Returns and Registers

Every place in your home where air enters your HVAC system and where it exits the system will collect dust and dirt.

This debris poses a risk to your family, especially during the colder times of the year. During the fall and winter, you’re more likely to keep your windows closed. That means that the air quality in your home can become less than satisfactory. You can improve the situation by using a damp cloth to wipe away the inevitable dirt that will gather around your air return and registers.

Clean Up Around the Outdoor Unit

It can be challenging during the growing months to uproot mature plants that have grown too close to your HVAC. However, fall is a great time to remove those invasive plants and stubborn bushes. But be careful not to damage your HVAC with your weed trimmer or garden tools.

After you’ve completed the major task of evicting the unwanted growth, don’t forget to rake away the debris. You don’t want loose clippings to find their way into your HVAC.

Schedule an Inspection

After you’ve done all that you can do to winterize your HVAC, you should schedule a visit by a technician. He’ll be able to determine if there is anything else that needs to be done to get the unit ready for the cold weather.

Even if there is nothing that needs to be repaired or replaced, he’ll give the unit a good cleaning to make sure that it can operate at its best.

Don’t delay making that appointment. Winter will soon be here. Contact HVAC Philly today.

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