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Signs That a Furnace Must Be Replaced

Has your furnace stopped working? Are you wondering how long it will last now that it’s on its last leg? Put your mind at ease. Learn the signs that a furnace replacemen  is on the horizon.

Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement

If you’re worried that your furnace won’t keep you warm all winter long,

  • Age. Most furnaces last about 10 to 15 years. However, that doesn’t mean your furnace will operate flawlessly up until its last day. As your furnace ages, start saving for a replacement.
  • Energy bills. If your energy bills are getting increasingly more expensive (and the increase is not due to inflation)—it’s could be time to think about a furnace replacement.
  • Repairs. As your heating system ages, it will require more repairs. If you’ve already invested in multiple, costly repairs—it’s probably time to give your wallet a break. There’s no sense in investing more money in a heating system that will break down soon anyway.
  • Noises. Are you hearing strange sounds coming from your furnace system? Furnace replacement is likely around the corner if you’re hearing banging and rattling throughout the day.
  • Thermostat. Hiking up your thermostat won’t do much to compensate for an aging furnace. Spiking up the heat will likely drive energy bills up.
  • Comfort. Having to wear multiple layers of clothing and expend energy to keep your nose warm isn’t normal. If you’re uncomfortable in your own home, you should replace the furnace with a new system—one that employs advanced features to ensure your comfort.

If you’d like expert help navigating the complicated process of retiring your furnace and choosing a new heating system, or like to learn about Heating Services Please contact  HVAC Philly Heating and Air Conditioning.


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