Should You Address Your Air Conditioner Issues in the Spring?

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We suggest that you put your air conditioner at the top of your spring cleaning list. Why not? After all, it’s the appliance in your home that’s likely to be asked to work the hardest this spring and summer.

If you’re tempted to disregard your air conditioner until it develops a major problem, we’d like to point out several advantages to addressing your air conditioner issues in the spring.

You Won’t Have to Wait Long for a Technician

Who enjoys waiting in line?

If you wait until summer to call an air conditioner technician, you may have to wait in an extremely long line. Lots of people wait until it gets hot before they take the time to schedule an appointment.

However, if you book an appointment when people are still wearing long sleeves, you’ll be ahead of the crowd. In fact, you will probably have your choice of the day and time that the technician arrives.

You’ll Help Protect Yourself From Pollen and Mold

There’s nothing like seeing the trees and flowers in the Philadelphia area in full blossom. However, that beauty comes with a cost—pollen. For many people pollen means allergies.

If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies related to airborne particles, you can help the situation by keeping your air conditioner unit properly cleaned.

High-quality filters do a terrific job of trapping troublesome particles before they can circulate inside your home. Make sure that your air conditioner runs on only clean air filters.

If you want to maximize your protection against pollen and other irritants, ask your HVAC technician to schedule a duct cleaning. A great deal of dust and pollen can collect in the extensive duct system that brings air into your home.

Mold can also thrive in a poorly kept duct system. Mold can be even more dangerous than pollen to the human respiratory system. Keeping your duct system pristine is good not only for your air conditioner unit but also for your family’s health.

You’ll Prevent Bigger Problems From Developing

According to Murphy’s Law, when will your air conditioner choose to die? Naturally, it will be on the hottest day of the year.

You can avoid the misery that comes with sweltering in the summer by tackling your air conditioner issues in the spring. 

A clean, well-maintained unit is more likely to give you trouble-free service regardless of the summer temperature.

You Save Money in the Long Run

If your HVAC ductwork is several years old, it may be costing you money due to decay. How?

Older ductwork tends to develop cracks and gaps. So, you’re wasting money as a portion of your cool air is lost through the cracks and gaps before it ever reaches your house.

Have those openings fixed now, and later you’ll be glad that you did. If the ducts are sealed tightly, all the air reaches your home. That means that your air conditioner doesn’t have to work overtime to keep you cool. The result is a smoother running air conditioner and lower electric bills.

You Don’t Have to Clean Your Air Conditioner Yourself

If you’re not fond of spring cleaning, we understand that you’re not going to be excited that we’ve added your HVAC to your list of spring cleaning projects.

However, as we’ve mentioned above, there are numerous advantages to making sure your HVAC is ready for the demands of warm weather.

Fortunately, the HVAC is one spring cleaning assignment that you don’t have to perform yourself. You can turn to a professionally trained technician.

Contact HVAC Philly and schedule an appointment today.

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