Best HVAC Options for a Finished Basement

Best Heating or Cooling Options for a Finished Basement

Finished Basement with Overlooked HVAC

Do not stress if you have overlooked planning for heating and cooling options for your basement before it is was finished, you can add heating and cooling options that best suit your space at any time. If the house is an old house the older HVAC systems previously installed most likely will not suit present lifestyle requirements. There are sustainable options to turn the often times stale and stagnant indoor temperature of a basement into a warm and comfortable space.

The first things to consider that will guide your choice of an HVAC system that will suit your needs are budget, vent system, how much space you have available, what options fit into the interior design style of the basement, power consumption, ease of handling, and control.

Upgrading your current HVAC systems

You have to figure out if your current HVAC system can take on the extra exertion needed to heat and cool your finished basement. Age and size are the main factors. An older unit will most likely be already working at full capacity, and increase in heating and cooling space may just take it over the limit. Rule of thumb, if your HVAC system was specifically installed to only heat and cool your existing space, and as well it is over 10 years you will most likely want to upgrade to a version that will provide the proper amount of heating and cooling to ALL areas of your home. If you are uncertain, call in your local professional HVAC technician, HVAC Philly, who serve the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA areas.

Use of baseboard heaters

Baseboard heaters are one of the easiest ways to boost the heating conditions of spaces that were not considered in prior planning. Baseboard heaters may be hard wired or electric baseboards that are put on the floor rather than being mounted on the wall. Before opting for baseboards, you may consider how well it will fit into your present design theme and how financially sustainable it is. Nonetheless, one major advantage to this option is that it is convenient for heating just one space; you do not have to consume a lot of energy heating the entire house when just the basement is occupied at a time.

Portable Air Conditions

As the name implies, its portability means it can easily be moved around. If you are financially conscious of electricity bills, this option offers you a way to save up some extra cash. It is generally designed to be lightweight and is a good choice if the basement space is split into rooms so it can be moved from room to room as it is needed.

Wood Pellet Stove

If you are one for the traditional and or rustic home theme, this may be a good option for you. Although it may take up some space, the benefits of the thermal comfort and aesthetics are well worth the space used.

In the end, extending your HVAC might seem like a lot of work, but the comfort and value it will add to your finish basement is all the reason you need.

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