Avoid Costly AC repair in 2018


AC System’s Durability VS efficiency

 As a Philadelphia AC repair technician for over 20 years I must admit that newer Air Conditioning systems provide much better cooling


They also have lost their durability, these small York and Lennox condensers built in the early 1980s are still running today. For the last two decades Air Conditioning systems have been designed with efficiency as a top priority, they have become quieter,they can run on different stages, larger in size to achieve better heat transfer and they include so many new sensors, valves and pressure switches to provide an overall efficient comfort.

The one drawback is that all these added parts come with a life expectancy of around three to five years if a system is professionally installed, thus a newer air conditioner failure on a hot day is no reason to assume your HVAC services provider has committed a crime when they charged you thousands for this new dead high efficiency air conditioner, it may just be a minor switch replacement that is covered under your warranty, but as warranty expires you will be looking at some cost. Average air conditioner repairs cost fall between $175 and $484 with most homeowners reporting that they spend about $319. If you do need any AC repairs, these are

Common AC Repair cost

Below are most common AC problems and what to expect to spend on getting rid of them

. R-22 leak detection and repair: $445-$1600
. Air Conditioner refrigerant recharge: $150-$420
. Circuit board replacement: $160-$500
. Replace fuses, circuit breakers or relays: $45-$300
. Thermostat replacement: $80-$250
. Compressor hard start kit: $110-$260
. Capacitor or contactor replacement: $95-$410
. Compressor replacement: $1250-$1700, based on size and type
. Evap, coil replacement: $850-$1300
. Condensing unit fan motor replacement: $170-$320
. Condensate pump replacement: $95-$260
service call fee can vary from $85 to $120, depending mostly on your location and the time of year in which the call is made. The time of HVAC Contractors is at a premium in the summer months. If Your air conditioner is not working at all, and you must replace it with a new one then you will need not to rush into hiring the first contractor you speak with.

Questions to Ask Your AC Repair Contractor

. Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?
. Are their technicians certified by any professional HVAC organizations?
. What types of warranties and guarantees to do they offer for their work?
. How many years has the company been in business?
. Will the technician inspect the duct system as well as the unit itself?
. Is financing available for larger repairs?
. Does the company have a 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service?

I would also check their BBB ratings as the better business bureau does other back ground and quality of services checks when rating contractors. HVAC Philly heating and air conditioning is a local Philadelphia PA HVAC contractors since 1994 with a BBB rating of (A+), for additional information related to AC repairs and installation visit our site.

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