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AC repair


Flowers aren’t the only ones that come out of hiding during spring. After the cold of winter you’ll notice more animals out enjoying the warmer weather and greener environment, everything from birds start making their appearance.
One of your home appliances also shows after you take off that old AC cover,  your home Air Conditioning System. You know that big box of metal with a fan spinning all day making all types of noise and pushing your electric bill through the roof while costing you a nice chunk of money every time it breaks down, which it has a habit of doing on the hottest of days.

Is Your AC Using R-22 Freon?
Let us start by finding out the type of refrigerant it uses. If your AC system uses R-22 freon then your options of maintaining this older Air Conditioner have shrunk as this toxic vapor has been banned since 2009 and was replaced by 410-A puron. If your AC system uses R-22 freon and it has a leak which requires a charge up every summer, this maybe the summer you spent those hundred dollar bills at the jersey shore around the 4th of July weekend.

Performance and Age
Check for two issues with your Air Conditioning System. First and most obvious, was it running properly last summer? Second, how old is your AC system?. Every air conditioner condenser has a name plate with a model and serial number which provides the year the unit was built. Consider whether it would be wise to replace and/or upgrade the system. Both of these are matters of money.

Who is your air conditioner manufacturers
Air Conditioners are like everything else, you get what you pay for. There are units that cost two and three times as much as others. lower grade units are often called Contractor’s grade. So, if you took a short walk to your back yard and saw a Gibson, Ducane, Haier, Thermo King or any other name that is not as familiar as Lennox, Carrier, Bryant, Trane, Goodman or a York you may refer to your Air Conditioning Repair Philadelphia Advisor for help.

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