4 Reasons For AC Repair In Philadelphia

AC repair In Philadelphia

Issues can occur anytime with your air conditioning. Factors are varied and extensive. No matter what the problem is, there is no need to add stress to an already stressful situation. HVAC Philly is on hand 24/7 for any emergy situationthat may come your way. We will use our expertise to assist in getting your AC running as soon as possible.


1) Neglecting To Perform Maintenance

If you let your air conditioner run for long periods of time without performing periodic maintenance, it can lead to issues or even breakdown at some point. It could be that your air conditioner will need more frequent services or it may be that you need to replace the air conditioning unit altogether. Problems with your AC can begin to compile, and significantly affect the way it produces the cold air you’ll need in the summer.

2) Break Down Of Components

When your air conditioner is overworking, the controls for the fan or the compressor can break down. In fact, several other essential components could be affected. When your system cycles on and off consistently there is unwanted stress put on the internal components, causing them to operate improperly or untimely failure.

3) Thermostat Issues

Any number of issues can occur with your thermostat. The thermostat sensor could be miscalibrated. The battery could be dead. Make sure to change your batteries periodically so you won’t have to worry about having to reset your calibrated settings.

4) A Build Up Of Condensation
It is common that your air conditioning unit will make an excess of condensation. There are electrical condensate pumps with tubing in some air conditioners that may become clogged with algae, ice or even tear. If you are unsure if there are issues with your pump, be sure to call a local HVAC professional to help with the situation.

AC repair specialist at HVAC Philly, serving all areas of Philadelphia, are on call for emergency service as well as scheduled air conditioning repair.

HVAC Philly has been serving Philadelphia for over 20 years. We know how to diagnose and fix any AC unit to our customer’s satisfaction. We guarantee that we can answer any of your questions and come up with an action plan that will be the best suit for your unique situation. HVAC Philly wants you to have peace of mind. Know that you will not be left in the middle of a heat wave with no relief in sight.

We are available online to schedule an appointment. You can also give us a call at 215-725-6111 to schedule your AC repair service today.

Things to take note of if you suspect your air conditioning unit may need a repair:

If you notice a clicking noise coming from your central AC unit, call HVAC Philly immediately.

If your air conditioning is not running, you should look for a fuse that has blown or a flipped breaker. Swap the fuse or flip the breaker in your electric box. If the AC is still not coming on, call HVAC Philly to help you find the source of the problem.

Learn more about HVAC Philly’s repair process here.

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